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Capricorn ICT and ACS Network

We are a network where businesses in the Capricorn region can showcase their ICT capabilities. Providing consumers requiring products and services or organisations invested in the ICT industry the information they need, and businesses the opportunity to enhance their profile and compete for a wider selection of work.

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    Why do we have a regional ICT industry?

    A wide range of economic activity is occurring within the Capricorn region. To position itself to compete for a fair share of this work, the region’s ICT industry needs to be prepared, willing and able to service the full range of required ICT capabilities.Businesses and consumers within the region require clear visibility of and confidence in the region’s ICT capability. They also need to be able to easily locate and access ICT providers.

    The network presents a common front for the Capricorn region’s ICT sector. Those requiring ICT products or services can use the network’s register of ICT providers as a “one stop shop” to access the ICT products and services they require, with the confidence of knowing these providers are part of a strong regional ICT network. ICT providers within the network are then well positioned to take advantage of these enhanced market opportunities.

    The network also supports and benefits individuals or organisations who are not ICT providers, but who have a vested interest in a strong regional ICT industry. For example, through close cooperation with CQUniversity Tertiary and TAFE, the network provides opportunities to better access the ICT skills required to further develop ICT capability within the region and then to provide input into how these improvements can best be delivered. 


    What benefits does this network provide?

    • Enhanced ICT industry profile via the online register of ICT providers.
    • Improved access to and confidence in regional ICT capability for those seeking ICT products and services by providing access to online capability statements for each provider.
    • Enhanced opportunities to form strategic partnerships in order to compete for larger pieces of ICT work, such as tendering for NBN contracts.
    • Access to knowledge sharing and collaboration opportunities such as information sessions on topical matters, or updates on ICT environmental factors e.g. the NBN rollout.
    • Greater potential to influence decision makers to seek outcomes supporting the continued growth of the region’s ICT skills base, capability and success.
    • Enhanced opportunities to grow and attract ICT skills by working closely with the ICT education sector and other key stakeholders to improve ICT skills development programs, as well as identifying incentives to attract knowledge workers and other ICT skills to the region.


    Why should I become a member?

    If you are a larger or more established business, membership provides the opportunity for your business to further enhance its profile, to compete for a wider selection of work and, where needed, to form alliances with other regional providers.

    If you are a smaller or less mature business, membership provides the opportunity for you to collaborate with other businesses within the region to identify potential hurdles, to learn from others’ experiences and to make new contacts and connections that can help raise your profile to the next level – enabling you to compete more effectively.