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September 2019: Social Night

Watch this space, details coming soon!

Rocky Smarthub

Past Events

July 2019: A Bridge to the Cloud

Learn about some of the simple productivity and collaboration tools that can make a big difference in your business or workplace. See how technology is developing within some of these ‘simple’ tools using AI, what you need to think about when using AI, and what happens when AI goes wrong.

March 2019: The NBN Effect

When the national broadband network for Australia was created 10 years ago, it was difficult to imagine the technological changes we would witness. The nbn™ access network was created to foster productivity and provide a platform for innovation in order to deliver economic and social benefits for all Australians.

December 2019: IOT for All

Ten years ago the next big ICT ‘thing’ on the horizon was Cloud. Cloud is here and we know what it is, how it works and when to use it. By 2021, there will be over 25 billion devices worldwide on networks and the internet. IOT is the next big ‘thing’ and it is already here. Come along to find out about this interesting technology.

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